Maybe Mommy, Will Let Junior Cum Today Venus Girls Video

"Look at that cock, It's all Mine. Look how hard it gets for Mommy." Mommy's taken Junior to the Mall, locked in chastity with a leash on his cock. He had to carry all her bags. Now She takes out the cock to play with it. It's so blue and swollen and covered with precum when she takes it out. She plays with his sore cock and tells him all about the naughty girls at the mall who were laughing at him because he was being dragged around by Mommy with a leash on his cock. Mommy plays with his precum and makes him beg Her to let him cum. He never gets Mommy's mouth or Mommy's pussy, only her hand. She puts on her new Gloves that she bought, and strokes baby's cock with them. Maybe Junior wlll get to cum today, Maybe. She ask junior to spew all over his new tie, that he is going to have to wear to work today.

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