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Aunt Tracy told Mommy that you were spying on her in the shower. She was going to take your cock out of chastity, but now you're going to have to stay in longer. You should know better. You're cock is for Mommy. She's been out fucking your English Professor and Ms. Williams, your art teacher. She told them both about you being kept in Chastity, and they had a good chuckle about it. She takes your cock out of chastity and plays with your precum, with her long black gloves. Your cock and all your cum belongs to Mommy. She strokes your swollen balls and teaches you to hold your cum until she tells you you can. You need to learn to stay hard all the time and cum on command for Mommy. She shows you her tits and rubs them on your dick. If you're a good boy, maybe she'll let you stay in the closet, and watch while she makes love to Ms. Williams.

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