Pop And Perish - Black Widow Muscle Goddess Venus Girls Video

Hubby has a unhealthy heart and a big life insurance policy. Wifey is a money hungry bitch and a MUSCLE GODDESS who happens to switch hubby's medication and its flowing through your veins right now. The harder your cock gets the weaker your heart gets and by the time you pop it's going to be over. You cock is going to make your heart blow-up inside your chest. Your life insurance of your means that your wife will live in luxury. With her pantyhose covering your face and her high heels tied over your nose, Her strong hands squeeze your balls making the viens pop out. Her big muscles flex around your hard dick, squeezing out pre-cum. Her big 15 inch biceps are going to make you pop, and it's YOUR LAST TIME. She uses your weak fingers as a vibrator to rub out an orgasm for her. But an orgasm for you comes with a big price.

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